BPP University Law student, Elisa Kamsky, has been the forerunner in creating the innovative drama society, AFL Professionals, which goes beyond the usual tales of costumes, monologues and aspiring thespians. Instead, AFL Professionals explore how drama techniques can be invaluable off-stage and into real-world situations. Drawing from her own experience when listening to a barrister speaking inaudibly in court, Elisa noticed the potential for using dramatic performance to help people cope with pressures of public speaking.

The classes focus on alleviating self-consciousness, voice training and helping students to develop a confident body language. Not only this but the workshops that happen each Wednesday at BPP University Waterloo centre, encourage teamwork skills and other positive attributes that are vital in any career.  As well as helping our aspiring professionals achieving their ambitions, international students have found the programme invaluable in helping to build their confidence when speaking English. Kasahn Jalib is an international student studying on the GDL programme at BPP University and when asked how he has benefitted from the weekly drama classes, Kasahn explained that since ‘English is not my first language, the drama sessions have helped me get more used to the language in terms of on-the-spot discussion and dialogue delivery, having one-to-one interaction with other students’.

The group’s tutors include credible professionals and recognisable faces such as Robert Whitelock, who has appeared in BAFTA nominated films and TV series, including misfits and has starred along Jason Stretham and David Walliams in recent works. RADA tutor, Michael Hargreaves, has held voice coaching sessions (pictured below), sharing his expert knowledge to teach students how to project their speech and avoid a monotone pitch.