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Welcome to Acting for Lawyers & Professionals

An outstanding training solution to improve body language, voice and public speaking skills in the professional sphere.

With our background in acting and law, we are perfectly placed to teach transferable skills, delivering acting and performance techniques to help professionals to become more inspirational, more influential and more engaging in interviews, trials, mooting competitions and networking events.

Courses Designed To Bridge The Skills-Gaps Of Professionals

By focusing on the actor’s transferrable skills, from storytelling and people skills to improvisation and public speaking, AFL & Prof’s interactive CPD-accredited training meets the needs of solicitors and barristers that cannot be met in traditional classroom-based sessions. Each course has been designed in conjunction with those working within the legal profession based on comprehensive research into the skills-gaps which have been identified.

Learning Through Engagement

We believe that active participation is the best way to learn. That’s why all of the courses that we run are hands-on, with full interaction from every participant. By immersing yourself in our exciting and entertaining games, you’ll find new ways to enhance the skills that you use every day in your legal practice. We’ve found that the most productive learning happens when you’re having fun, and we guarantee that you’ll leave our courses with a smile on your face, and new abilities under your belt.

Why Choose Theatre-Inspired Training?

Actors have an amazing set of transferrable skills which are particularly applicable to those working within the legal profession. Solicitors and barristers use many of the same skills as actors within their everyday practice and therefore theatre-inspired training can help to enhance and hone those abilities.

Run By Professionals

All of our classes are participation-based, and are delivered through fun and interactive activities and games which not only educate but entertain. We believe that learning is always best achieved when you enjoy yourself, and we guarantee that every participant will leave with a smile on their face and a host of new ideas to inform their practice.

Our Classes

Every class is run by a fully trained professional with outstanding skills and impressive delivery, and as every course has very clear objectives and summary reports, you can be confident that all your desired outcomes will be achieved. As part of this creative, immersive and interactive course, participants play games designed to generate new ideas and improve collaboration between colleagues for a more productive and cohesive working environment. There are also role playing activities designed to play out a range of consumer and user experiences to help bring a fresh perspective on classic situations.

InHouse Training

We offer a tailored course for your team at your classroom, office, hall or any space large enough to carry out the training safely. We can offer different formats of training. One full day option from 10:00am to 4.00pm or half day any date convenient for your team. We are able to provide space for extra cost.

The training is suitable for teachers, lawyers (Bar & solicitors), law students, team leaders, and anyone who wants to benefit from the course. drop us an email for more info: enquiries@aflprof.com

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CPD Accredited Course

Coming Soon

Monthly and Weekend sessions

We offer a wide range of monthly and weekend sessions which you can enrol in to experience the benefits of our courses and get a chance to work with our many wonderful tutors. Classes are available to buy through our eventbrite page. A schedule of courses coming up will be release soon.


I have improve my confidence when talking in public and in informal conversations. they have helped me improve my confidence when talking in English (as it is not my first language). They have helped me develop elocution skills.

Jana Elizabeth Mosquera Andrade
[Top benefits gained]*Voice tone control, when how and where to pitch higher and lower voice tones. *Public and individual speaking confidence gained. *Improved body language to allow the audience to engage more in the act/speech/presentation. *Breath control using diaphragm rather than chest. *Polished facial expressions and gestures and adaptable according to any given situation.

Kashan Jalib

Very helpful in vocal clearance, fluency and above of all it’s all about English arts and literature, which is very helpful in terms of adapting and knowing the culture widely differed from my own one.

Name Withheld

Highly professional training with high standards.

Deepak Dominic Chevidan

Concentrating on every work i do.. It helped me to concentrate in everything. Specifically it helped me to listen properly and understand things better.

S M Noor Mohammad

It gave me more confidence to put my ideas across in class. I also enjoyed making new friends at BPP.

Emma Johnston

I became more confident in front of people.

Jiyoon Jeong

Drama sessions helped overcome my fear to speak in front of a group. It is teaching me to focus on my objectives and make them clear to the person in front of me within the professional boundaries.

Elvisjana Hysenaj

Have gained confidence in presenting allowing me to use this in an internship I completed recently. Helped to focus and positive thinking.

Kate O'Sullivan

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