Develop professional and transferable skills in public speaking, body language and voice through performance and acting techniques to become more engaging, influential and inspiration in presentations, interviews, at networking events, mooting competitions and trials.

 Interactive and participation-based classes designed for professionals in mind to enhance and build skills that matter. 

Since 2013, we have run over 50 classes for solicitors, barristers and law students. What makes us unique? Read here






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Courses for individuals


Before You SpeakWorkshops Waterloo Campus (Saturday)

5 hour workshop designed in mind for those who get nervous before they speak in social and professional environment.

The workshop will focus on how to deal with Adrenaline also known as ‘stage fright’, Exercises to develop good diction and articulation, learn all about the neutral position,  release tensions in your body and develop a ritual you can do every time before you need you need to speak.

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Personal Impact – 5 weeks courses ( 2hr Per Class)

8 hour course focuses on giving you the right tools to communicate with authority, authenticity and impact..

The classes focus on breathe, voice tones and body language interpretations.

You’ll learn how to walk into a room with confidence and sound assertive and speak with a purpose.

There will be a presentation assessment at the end of the course.

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