Develop professional and transferable skills in public speaking, body language awareness, movement & improvisation through performance and acting techniques.

We offer expertly tailored courses specifically designed for professionals to develop and enhance communication, presentation, public speaking skills and much more. Since 2013, we have run over 50 classes for students from variety of background including law, business and accountancy. At the moment we have 1,300 members from various universities and firms.

In the first year, AFL Prof received funding of £2,000 from BPP Student Association, making classes financially accessible to all BPP students.

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-Be Seen and Heard

  • Develop strong and commanding entrance
  • Learn to open and close presentations convincingly
  • Learn to connect with Audience
  • Learn how to use breath to calm down

This course will be suitable for those who would like to develop skills that can be used in meetings, interviews and debates.

-Personal Impact

  • connect breath to voice
  • Learn relaxation techniques
  • Improve clarity of speech
  • Posture, body language and how it effects presence

This course is aimed at those who wish to improve in they way they come across to other people when speaking to people.

-Confidence and Impact For Women

  • Build Confidence
  • Posture and Body Language
  • Sustain interest with confidence
  • Learn how to connect with audience

The first female series classes aimed at young women who are entering Higher Education and professional environments who wish to gain confidence to put themselves forward for opportunities.

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Course are composed of 4, 6 and 8 classes.  Each class comes in three parts.

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*Students may be entitled to Certificate of Completion, signed by us and appropriate student university rep upon completing courses*